Do you remember the time when you had to take a trip to the library or skim through pages of an encyclopedia just to find that one piece of information you were looking for? Now, things have certainly changed. When we need to find any piece of information today, we pick up our mobile device and “Google it”. Searching for something on Google has become a daily activity for almost everyone on a daily basis, but did you know that there is more to Google than just having the ability to provide answers to a variety of questions?

Yes, Google is more than just the ingenious search engine we have all grown to love. Here are 10 great things you can do with Google that you probably didn’t know it could do.

1. Create Your Own Timer

If you type in a number followed by the word timer, you will see a countdown begin. The timer can even come with a sound so you will be instantly alerted.

2. Use It As A Currency Converter

Have you ever wanted to get currency exchange rates quickly? If you type in “currency converter” in your Google search bar, you will be able to enter the amount you want to convert and the type of currency.

3. Translate A Word Or Phrase

Have you ever wanted to use a word or phrase in another language, but you were not sure how you should say it? You can impress yourself and others by knowing exactly how to use the correct phrases.

4. Calculate A Tip

How many times have a group of your coworkers struggled to figure out how much everyone should pay for the group meal? Well, you do not have to deal with this problem anymore. You can simply google the words “tip calculator” and you will be on your way to an easier bill paying process. You will be able to enter the full cost of the meal, the percentage of the tip, and how many people are part of the group.

5. Sharpen Your Math Skills

While you may not be the best at math, Google certainly knows quite a bit about math. You can use Google for simple arithmetic and you can use Google for advanced mathematics. If you want to use a quick calculator, you can simply search: ‘Google calculator”.

6. Track A Flight

Have you ever been responsible for greeting someone at an airport and picking them up? If the person is still high above the ground, how are you supposed to know when and where you should arrive at the airport? Well, if you have the person’s flight number, you can easily discover when you need to arrive because Google will tell you.

7. Get A Weather Report

If you only watch a news channel because you only want to receive the weather report, you can save time by asking Google. You can type in “weather” and your zip code or city, and you will receive the current weather condition.

8. Receive A Stock Quote

When you type the following “quote Apple” or whatever the symbols are for the firm you are looking for, you will find the latest activity for the stock in question.

9. Convert A Measurement

Google does not mind helping you convert inches to centimeters or minutes to seconds. The only thing you will have to do is ask or type in what you need to be converted. Google will willingly take care of the rest.

10. Check The Sports Scores

We know that you work hard on a daily basis, but sometimes you want to check the scores from today’s games, right? Well, simply type in the name of the team who is in action and you will get the score in seconds.

Now that you have learned that Google can do so many useful things, are you ready to put it to work? Contact us today for more tips and advice.

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