It’s important to keep your computer cool at all times. An overheated computer can cause all sorts of complications, including your computer slowing down or shutting down for no reason. It can also seriously damage your computer in the long-run. Here are some tips for keeping your computer cool.

Keep It In a Cool and Clean Area

Don’t keep your PC next to the heating vent or directly in the sunlight. Keep the room cool. Make sure your PC is in a clean area as well. Too much dust can cause the fan to stop working properly and your PC to overheat.

Give It Air

Give your computer some air. Don’t keep all your documents and files right next to the vents. Your PC needs some room to breathe.

Clean It

Clean your fans once in a while. When dust accumulates in the fan area, your PC will start to slow down and overheat.

Shut Down Programs

Operating too many programs at once can cause the computer to overheat. Avoid multitasking your computer. If your computer is still getting hot, shut it off for a few minutes to let it cool off.

Use a System to Monitor Temperature

There are various programs you can install that will monitor your PC’s temperature for you and alert you when the temperature is getting too high. Some will shut down the computer automatically to prevent it from getting damaged.

No Dogs Or Cats Allowed

If you have a home office, keep your pets out of it. Having them around can cause their fur to get stuck in your computer’s fan area.

Don’t Overclock

Overclocking is when you set your CPU to run faster than usual. This can speed up your computer, but it can also damage it through overheating.

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