Have You Asked the Right Questions About Your Data?

Your Data

When making decisions for your business, a useful exercise is to imagine your worst-case scenario and work backwards to determine what needs to be put into place to prepare for it. For many businesses, one of the absolute worst disasters that can befall them is system failure and data loss. Unfortunately, for 90% of companies, that is a scenario that they will encounter at least once. Is YOUR business prepared? Data

Break/Fix to MSP: Upgrading Your Business

Break Fix MSP

Are your days spent balancing client support and team efficiency? And within that you’re trying to set and make future goals and plans. Without the right tools, your future plans will ultimately get pushed to the wayside. So what does that mean for business’s growth? Utilizing a traditional break-fix model, your growth will be unpredictable as well as leave your team stressed. The break/fix IT support model is an antiquated reactive

What to Consider When Comparing VoIP vs Landline Phone Systems for Businesses


One of the considerations you should make as an entrepreneur who wants to increase productivity is how you can improve communication within your enterprise and with your customers. Effective communication can become the turning point for your organization, and that is why you need to make a wise choice when comparing VoIP vs landline phone services. Both VoIP and landline phone systems have advantages and disadvantages that will affect your

Making the Most of Your IT Budget in 2019

2019 IT Budget

With constant advancement in the technology field effecting everything from phones and computers to software, cloud storage, and data backup, why would you want to follow the same IT budget model every year? An ever-changing list of IT possibilities should have business owners considering changing their company needs and investigating advancements that could be beneficial to them. Since budgeting requires more than just punching numbers into a spreadsheet, continue reading

VoIP vs. Landline Phone for Business: Which is Better?


The telephone has been a vital business tool that has allowed businesses to increase the rate and amount of work that they have been able to complete and the amount of time that it takes to accomplish that work. The phone was never an area where a company could save a ton of money in, and it was a necessary tool to help a company do business. However, VoIP technology