Choosing Basic Technology for Your Organization with the Help of IT Support for Businesses in LA

Choosing Basic Technology: Many small business owners, (especially new entrepreneurs) don’t even consider buying business grade computers. Many professionals just use a personal laptop for business use or buy regular consumer grade PCs from a local big box retailer for their businesses needs.

Choosing Basic Technology

Depending on your business model, in some cases, you might want to use business grade PCs.  

If you and your staff are only logging on for work related emails, maybe a few Skype sessions and basic document creation; consumer grade PCs and laptops are probably fine for your team. However, there are many features business grade PCs offer over consumer grade PCs that might improve your efficiency and provide more cost effectiveness for your organization in the long run.


Business computers are exceptionally durable. Manufacturers subject them to rigorous testing and they feature name brand and high-grade parts. Whereas, when you take a look at your average consumer grade computer next to a business grade machine, you’ll see that the parts look cheap and generic in comparison.

Many business grade machines can resist the elements, some degree of water damage and won’t shatter or break when you drop them. Of course, consumer grade PCs are cheaper. However, in most cases, your business grade PCs will last several years longer.

Business grade computers also offer better standard features geared for modern businesses.

These include:

  • Encryption tools,
  • Fingerprint readers,
  • 10 – 15 times more memory than consumer PCs,
  • Software to use their desktops remotely,
  • Automatic backup and restore over both network and local connections, and
  • Operating systems well-suited for business use

Many professionals using consumer grade PCs find themselves installing applications like these to enhance their productivity and complete their work. However, with over 10 times the memory of consumer PCs, business computers are better suited to handle the memory demands of business grade software.

With the increase in telecommuting, consumer grade PCs may one day have more of the same assets as their business counterparts. However, right now, business grade computers are the best choice for many organizations.

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