Data Safe

Identity fraud is not something that has been made up; it is a real thing that everyone should be aware of and well-informed of. In the past few years, over 100 billions of dollars have been stolen. If over 100 billions of dollars have been stolen in a span of a few years, this means over $30,000 of dollars were stolen by the minute. Can you imagine having that much of your money stolen in one minute?

What does this information mean? This means that with that much money being stolen, fraud is not only happening to a few people. Millions of people are victims of identity fraud. At Whole I.T. Solutions, we want you to hold on to the revenue you are bringing in and we want you to continue using that money to make your business grow. In order for you to make this happen, we have created a list of things we hope you will remember when it comes to keeping your data safe.


If you are using a laptop to operate your small business, we encourage you to never store any of your personal information on it. Laptops are easily stolen, and your passwords can be stolen. Once your laptop is stolen and your passwords have been cracked, all of your personal information will begin to float right in front of the eyes of the thieves.

Internet Password

If you fail to protect your network, you will quickly discover that you have made things a little easier for the thieves. Without an unprotected network, anyone who is in close range of your network can obtain access to it.

Join The Others In The Cloud

We do not want you to be afraid to use the cloud. Cloud computing is a great solution that will allow you to regain access to your information if something ever goes wrong. If you want to use the cloud, you should not store any of your personal information in the cloud. If you ever do store personal information, you should make sure you have it encrypted.

Where Do I Keep My Passwords?

The best place you can store your passwords will be inside your mind. We know that sometimes passwords can be forgotten, but you should never store your passwords on sticky notes or anywhere on your laptop or other devices. There are various programs you can use that will allow you to organize your passwords. Also, we encourage you to begin using passphrases instead of passwords. Why? When you use passphrases, you will make things harder for those who have an interest in cracking.

We know it can be worrisome to think about data breaches like the Equifax breach, but there are tools and resources that can be used to keep your data safe. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us today.


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