File SharingSince the advent of the internet, file and data sharing between computers have become easier and simpler and continue to become more user-friendly. It can be difficult to let go of old ways of file/data sharing and it’s understandable because computers can be intimidating and people generally prefer to stay in their comfort zones. Back when the “sneakernet” was more commonplace for transmitting files and data between computers, it became a comfort zone that many did not want to stray away from.

The sneakernet, that is, the of moving files and data around by putting them on devices (typically “thumb” drives or “flash” drives today) and walking with them was the common way to transfer files and data until more updated methods of transfer were invented. After the sneakernet, which is actually still a common and good way to transfer files, came the advent of networking computers together through various means of networking technology that has come over the years. Today, common examples of networking computers together for the purpose of sharing data or transferring files is done through ethernet as well as the internet. Computers within a business’ location can be configured to connect to each other for file/data transfer via ethernet, and these same computers can also be configured to connect to each other via an internet connection in which the transfer path of the data or files is the internet.

These are only some common file/data transfer options, but if a business is looking for a way to share files and data with other computers in the same building without using any of the options above, there are free computer programs that allow wireless transfer of files directly to other computers through file transfer apps. A common file transfer app for this purpose is AirDroid and it can be used across multiple different types of computers via a simple WiFi connection.

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