Your Data

When making decisions for your business, a useful exercise is to imagine your worst-case scenario and work backwards to determine what needs to be put into place to prepare for it. For many businesses, one of the absolute worst disasters that can befall them is system failure and data loss. Unfortunately, for 90% of companies, that is a scenario that they will encounter at least once. Is YOUR business prepared?

Data Backup Is Not Enough

You may feel confident that your data backup system is running smoothly and ready to handle any crashes or file deletion mishaps. But have you considered how long it will take to access your information and get it back into the running? Do you have a plan in place to start that system restoration? The system resumption process is often left untested until it comes time to perform under pressure, so businesses are unsure of how long their downtime will last. Remember that time is money, so the longer your system is offline the costlier it becomes.

Keeping Your Backup Secure

A data backup isn’t magical, and it isn’t self-sufficient. When you are creating your system restoration plan, have you ensured that the hardware is being properly maintained? Is it being safeguarded from environmental damage? Many companies are keeping their backups onsite, risking the total loss of data if the location is struck by natural disaster. As your business grows and expands, has your storage capacity been scaled up to match the increasing need?

Don’t Go It Alone

There’s a theory that the best learning can only occur when we realize that we don’t know what we don’t know. For many business owners, data security is an issue that they do not know about. That’s why choosing the right IT partner is critical to success. Contact us today to discuss how Whole I.T. can make sure your company is prepared for the worst while enjoying the best service possible. 

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