Some businesses focus primarily on the costs associated with the technology tools they provide for their employees. While the price tags of these tools certainly are important, to focus only on price overlooks other crucial aspects of the cost of doing business.

Technology services, software, and hardware tools are just that — tools. Tools used in business must possess the qualities that allow employees to perform their tasks in a timely, effective, and accurate manner. If a tool fails in these aspects, it increases, not decreases the cost of doing business.

Why Employee Input?

Some business owners built their company from the ground up. In these cases, they may very well have all the in-depth knowledge necessary to determine what technology tools will allow their employees to excel. A more common scenario however, is where an owner possesses a general knowledge of what each position in their company entails, but the day-to-day operational details are lost to them. If your company sounds more like the latter scenario, it may certainly be worth your time to gain feedback about the tools that are going to make your employees more productive, more accurate and more efficient.

Consult the Experts

If a business owner can honestly say nobody knows their own job better than the one performing it, then obtaining input about what employees require in a technology tool is a wise decision. Some companies may want to consider offering anonymous surveys in order to gain impartial and honest input. Others may want to conduct face-to-face discussions between employees and a department head, or perhaps directly with the owner. To substantiate employee input, data analysis can take place to see if the actual stats regarding project time, accuracy, etc. match up with what employees shared.

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