Create Strong Effective Passwords

Every website you visit online wants you to create an account that includes a new password. Using a standard password may be easy but will not ensure your information is secure. Here are valuable tips to create passwords that cannot be cracked.

Do Not Use the Same Password

Despite how frustrating creating multiple passwords is, it is a necessary evil. Assuming any account you create online is benign could lead to hackers accessing all of your accounts. You need to out-clever the hackers and the first tip is a new password for every account – even your online newspaper account should have a unique password.

Create a Long Password with Mixed Characters

The longer the password and the stronger the password, the more secure your information stays. Use twelve or more characters to create a unique code. Use a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols for more strength. Uncommon symbols create a sturdy passcode such as the plus symbol or equals sign. Using letters or symbols that look like letters – such as the money symbol for an S or 5 – can help you remember the password but can also be easy for hackers to crack. Use capital and lowercase letters as well.

Use Words That Cannot Be Associated With You

Basing your password on a phrase or word can help you remember your password but can also help hackers. The best bet is to use words no one can associate with you. Another option would be to invent a random phrase with mixed symbols for the most secure passwords.

Put the Tips to Use

Now combine all three tips to create a unique password that is hack-proof. Choose random words not associated with you. Here is an example:

Truck Stop Flute

No one would ever think of putting truck stop flute into a sentence and unless you are a truck driver or a flutist, these words have no relevance to your life.

Next, change the letters for numbers and symbols. Here is an example:

Truck Stop Flute becomes *Ru%k&+0Pf!u73

Keep enough letters in the password for you to figure out what word you created but not enough for hackers to figure out your system.

Check Your Password

The final step is to check your password strength. According to password strength website, this password we created could take 204 million years for a hacker to break. Now you know the secrets to securing your information.

P.S. Please do not use the password above as it is now available online to all hackers. Use the above tips to create your own strong password.

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