McAfee Reports Chinese Malware Strikes Again

Malware Strikes Again

In the world of cybersecurity, it seems there is a never ending battle against new security threats or revamped old threats.  In a recent case, McAfee reported the reemergence of components of a former Chinese state-sponsored malware threat.  In an interesting twist, this new threat derived from an old threat, reuses code that was never made public, nor was it ever available on the black market.  Read on to learn

HTML5 vs Flash – Prepare for the Future

HTML5 vs Flash - Prepare for the Future

Those in the development world have probably heard the buzz in recent years about the inevitable waning of Adobe Flash Player.  Although Flash allows developers to create eye-catching websites, in the world of the web where speed means virtually everything, Flash has literally lagged behind.  As more and more individuals take to the web, particularly with mobile devices, users are simply not willing to wait for slow page loads no