Los Angeles IT support company discusses cyber security lessons from local government

Computer World recently reported that the city of Los Angeles receives tens of millions of cyber attacks on a monthly basis. These attacks target its infrastructure and various agencies, with the aim of stealing confidential information and bringing about costly disruptions. That’s why Los Angeles IT support is so important!

The article goes on to describe some of the ways the city has coped with this onslaught of cyber attacks. One key move was to consolidate cyber security initiatives, allowing for quicker response times and improved coordination when monitoring and counteracting various threats.

The city’s cyber security experts share information with other departments and, more broadly, with groups at other levels of government. Different cyber security personnel aren’t working on their own, in isolation and without knowing what’s going on in other agencies. Everyone is in on the effort to bolster cyber security defenses.

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What can businesses learn from this approach?

In one 2015 cyber security report, over half of the participating companies expected to get successfully targeted by an attack in the coming year. It doesn’t matter if a business is small and not well-known. Cyber criminals will target it anyway, finding vulnerabilities in anything from the business website to Internet-connected devices that are poorly defended.

One of the main lessons from how the city of Los Angeles responds to cyber threats is that coordination and cooperation are key to a strong defense.

  • Everyone working for a business plays a role in defending it against cyber security breaches. An employee can endanger the entire company simply by downloading an infected file. Everyone must undergo cyber security training and play a part in preventing attacks.
  • Along with training, there should be a broader culture of cyber security in your company, a constant awareness of it permeating business activities.
  • IT support personnel must work together with employees in other departments to come up with and implement the best possible defenses for your company’s unique vulnerabilities. (Although IT personnel can accomplish a lot on their own, they should remain in communication and in coordination with the rest of the company.)
  • Employees should share information about cyber threats and speak up about any possible signs of a cyber attack they’ve detected.

If you’re in need of strong IT support in Los Angeles, please contact us. One of our responsibilities will be to help foster cooperative and effective cyber security measures for your business.

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