Purveyors of ransomware seem to be reaching for new levels of deceit.  Recently a new ransomware warning is making the rounds in the tech world, cautioning users to avoid falling for the Popcorn Time ransomware scheme.

Ransomware typically hijacks a user’s machine and holds their computer or their organization hostage, until the user or their employer meets the demands of the hacker.

With Popcorn Time, an unsuspecting user finds their machine hacked and held for ransom until either they pay a steep Bitcoin fee (typically over $700) or they agree to allow Popcorn Time to infect two of their friends in exchange for the decryption key.

By enlisting two other users, the hackers hope to essentially double the amount they receive as ransom.  If either friend does not pay the ransom, the hacker will not give the original user the decryption key to unlock their machine.

New Ransomware Warning

So what can users do to try to protect themselves from the Popcorn Time ransomware?  Experts are advising organizations to warn their users about downloading files from questionable sites.  In order to enforce this, businesses might want to think about installing software that will track the whereabouts of their employees while online, in order to discourage them from visiting less desirable sites.  Organizations should also ensure any device that attaches to the internet has a good anti-virus, anti-malware security program installed.  Lastly, all devices need to have software and security updates performed on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about how to protect your organization from Popcorn Time or questions about ransomware in general, please contact us.


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