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Computer Tip of the Day: Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses

When IT security is discussed it seems to happen most often in the context of threats that come from the internet. Specifically, the question of whether a computer is safe from viruses often comes to mind. IT security actually encompasses a broader range of threats than just viruses but for some reason, viruses are the primary point of attention most of the time. There’s a lot of misunderstanding when it

How to Avoid The Sneaky Viruses and Malware

Viruses and Malware

Do you remember what happened the last time one of your workplace computers was infected? Hopefully, that day was not a complete trainwreck for your business. If that day was a horrible day, did you wish you had a remedy to fix the problem? Did you wish you had taken the required steps to avoid having a virus on your computer in the first place? When your computer has a virus,

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