Employee Turnover Rate

Computer security is one of the top concerns for any business, and it infiltrates every area of operations. Whether you’re thinking about who’s allowed to gain entry to the office, how secure your invoicing programs and intranet are, or about a terminated employee who never returned their laptop, security is a constant priority.

Make sure you minimize the security risk by having technology procedures in place for employee turnover.

Keep Track of Program Licenses

Most companies are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) programs, whether you want to or not. Salesforce is a popular online portal, and even Microsoft Suite is turning into a subscription model rather than a one-time purchase. This means, for all of the SaaS programs your employees use, there’s a license with varying degrees of access and administration control.

Make sure there’s a live log of which employees use which licenses. Not only does this mean you’re less likely to lose track of licenses you’re still paying for, you can reset the passwords and restrict access.

Automate Computer Wipes

If you give your employees laptops for work out of the office, it can sometimes be hard to get them back even if your former employees don’t have malicious intentions. Instead of worrying during the interval in which they still have access to old files and data, automate all of your business hardware with a hard reset feature so the files can be remotely deleted or restricted.

Most former employees have no interest in their previous license access or old files, but they’re still a security gap that can violate HIPAA regulations or make your investors concerned. Go to Whole I.T. Solutions for more cyber security tips.

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