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Proactive Solutions When your technology doesn't work, your business doesn't either.

We help our clients oversee the depth and breadth of their system's demands, whether they need full management or they just want to balance their internal technology resources with the outside help that can fill in the gaps.
Avoid System Downtime According to Dunn & Bradstreet, 49 percent of Fortune 500 companies experience almost 2 hours of downtime each week. Small and mid-sized businesses with limited or no I.T. staff are at even greater risk for experiencing persistent downtime. Protect your business from unpredictable system downtime by leveraging the experienced staff at Whole I.T. Solutions to handle your technology needs.
Protect your Systems

Anti-virus is a good start, but it's not enough. Less than three percent of infections are caused by a "traditional" virus. We provide technology security solutions with multiple layers of protection. Our solutions will help to protect your network and systems from viruses, worms, trojans, adware and more.

Fixed Cost IT Services

Would you like to have a budgetable expense for all your IT needs? Wouldn't it be great if you could have a single point of contact to handle it all for you? We look at all areas of your business where technology is a factor and find ways to reduce costs and improve utilization.  Schedule an appointment for your FREE consultation.  What have you got to save?

Satisfied Clients

All of our clients are extremely satisfied with our solutions. Many have lived by the fix-it-when-it-breaks idea for many years and most had no idea there was a better way. We look forward to counting you among our growing number of totally satisfied clients!

Our Team on Your Team

Productivity and end-user satisfaction are among the top issues in IT maintenance. Your employees count on good performance from their desktop and laptop computers every day. Their success, and yours, depends on efficient computer operation. We offer proactive maintenance, comprehensive virus and malware protection, and a responsive Help Desk so your employees aren't stymied by technical problems but have what they need in order to do their best work.

Using best practices, our team of IT experts diligently monitors your system to keep your network at its highest performance level. Our dedicated technology specialists manage your IT systems so you can focus on what really matters: how to make your business thrive.

Your network serves as the foundation for your business, and it needs the proactive monitoring and maintenance of network components to prevent trouble before it arises. Our IT program saves time and money by optimizing your network's performance so that you reduce the risk of problems. We guarantee prompt response and attentive customer service and our IT management lets you rest assured that your network will reliably support your business.

Free Consultation

Hardware As A Service

Hardware doesn't have to be out of reach or so complex that you can't understand it. It's easy to hire hardware as a service, keeping your capital outlays to a minimum and getting more control over your IT expenditures.

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We Manage your Business IT

With our expertise, you can reduce or eliminate the stress, challenges, and costs of trying to meet your own IT needs. Our attention to detail minimizes downtime and promotes the greatest technological efficiency in order to support your employees in all that they do.

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Safe and Secure Data

One of your greatest business assets is the data you have accumulated over the years. It ranges from customer contact information, to documentation of your financial records and details of your latest inventory. Your data is imperative to your success, but most people don't realize just how valuable it is - or how much they depend on it.

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