Protect Your Mobile Device: How to Dodge Malicious Mobile Apps

How to Dodge Malicious Mobile Apps

Malicious mobile apps have grown to become a major problem in recent months. These apps, which pose as useful apps or as other apps entirely, serve no purpose, but once installed they can infect a users device with malware, adware, ransomware, and viruses, putting their sensitive information and digital security at risk. This has led many mobile users to wonder how they can avoid falling prey to these fake apps.

Cyber Security Checklist – Is Your Organization Ready?

Cyber Security Checklist - Is Your Organization Ready?

Larger organizations seem to make all the headlines when they have a security breach, but even smaller organizations are targets for hackers as well.  2014 became the year in which small to medium-sized organizations were actually the biggest target of cyber attacks.  Listed below is a cyber security checklist to help prevent your organization from succumbing to an attack and becoming another cyber crime statistic. 1.  Identify Vulnerabilities The first

Microsoft’s New Skype Mobile App

Microsoft's New Skype Mobile App

If you were wondering what Microsoft planned for future versions of Skype for Business, one need look no further than their new alpha version called Skype Mingo, now available on the Google Play Store.  Skype’s new mobile app has some familiar features and users will recognize the Skype interface, but it also has exciting new components as well, as Microsoft attempts to become the main communication hub on mobile devices.