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Keeping Your Business Running When Disaster Strikes

When Disaster Strikes

It’s called business continuity, but it means that your business keeps running when disaster strikes, and when unprepared businesses either have to seriously limit their operations, stop dead for a short period of time, or fall flat on their face and never recover. When a serious problem threatens a business, one of two things happen. The first is the management team are forced to react quickly and put “Plan B” into

Tip of the Day: Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance

Computers can be fun to use and they’ve become a cornerstone of modern-day society for carrying out daily routines. From smart devices and tablets all the way up to desktop and laptop computers, these innovative methods of carrying out tasks have profoundly changed the lives of many. With the advent of social media in the past decade, computers have become far more important than in previous years. By far, the most

Computer Tip of the Day: Disabling Windows 10’s Automatic Update Feature

Windows 10 Updates

When Windows 10 came out, there were a few features in it that were not very well received and most of them are still around and just as bad as they ever were. The most blatantly awful of these features is the automatic update where Windows 10 will automatically turn on or restart your computer in order to install updates regardless of if you wanted to update or were still actively using

Computer Tip of the Day: Troubleshooting Laptop and Desktop Computers

Troubleshooting Laptops / Desktops

Computers are integrated into society to such a degree that when they break down the consequences can be devastating. Depending on what a computer is being used for, a user might be able to postpone a repair. However, there are circumstances when a repair is a necessity and must be done as soon as possible. The cost of repair tends to be a deciding factor in whether to have a

Computer Tip of The Day: Tips for Regular Computer Maintenance

Regular Computer Maintenance

Properly maintaining your computer is vital in ensuring its longevity as well as in boosting your productivity. However, many desktop and laptop owners commonly neglect to take care of these vital maintenance tasks. If you fall into this category, here are a few of the computer maintenance tasks that you should be performing on a regular basis. Delete Unnecessary Files and Programs One of the most important maintenance tasks you

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