8 Reasons you Should Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 has evolved since 2015 when it debuted. It is now a safer and more efficient operating system compared to previous versions. Also, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 from January 14, 2020, making your business more susceptible to attacks. As such, it goes without saying that you should upgrade to Windows 10 ASAP. Here are eight more reasons why: 1. Ransomware Protection While ransomware attacks on individuals

Aiming Higher – How Technology Drives Business Growth

Aiming Higher - How Technology Drives Business Growth

While every century has had at least one hallmark trend (remember the Industrial Age?) that fostered innovation and growth, for most people it’s obvious that innovation in technology stands to take the 21st century into an unheralded era that is difficult as yet to envision by almost everyone. With the advances in smart devices, 5G, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies, to name a few, both businesses and customers alike

Should You Pay the Ransom on a Ransomware Attack?

Every system administrator lives in fear of a ransomware attack. Files turn into gibberish. Mocking messages appear on screens, explaining how to pay for recovery. Managers face a dilemma: to pay or to stand defiant? If you pay, you’re giving in to a crook and helping to finance more attacks. If you don’t, you could have a lot of work to do while your systems lie useless. It would be

Why is a Vulnerability Management Solution Important?

Why is a Vulnerability Management Solution Important?

In order for small and medium-size businesses to understand why vulnerability management is crucial for the protection of their operations, they need to know what vulnerability management is, why it is becoming increasingly important even for smaller businesses, and some of the key details to look for when signing a contract with a VM solution provider. What is Vulnerability Management?  VM is the continuous process of the discovery, reporting, prioritization,

5 Easy Things You Can Check Off Your Cyber Security Checklist Right Now

The term cyber security can feel intimidating—as though if you get it wrong, people from the Matrix will swoop into your office and steal all of your data. Sometimes, that’s not far from the truth. Poor cyber security can leave you vulnerable to data breaches, which could include anything from the loss of important documents to a stranger using your credit card without your knowledge. Luckily, getting cyber security right