What HITECH Compliance is All About


Most people are well conversant with HIPAA compliance standards and regulations that aim at controlling how health care providers are regularly protecting the privacy and the security of the patient’s data. What about HITECH compliance? Explaining HITECH¬†Act This is a rule that mandates all the health care providers to check and confirm that they are compliant with the HIPAA security rule that was made effective in 2005 and the privacy

Not Just for Doctors: What You Need to Know About HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, known as HIPAA, was created to standardize health care in the United States. The Privacy Rule included in the bill protects a patient’s health records from third party eyes unless authorized by the patient. Doctors, nurses, health care organization staff, health insurance company employees, and anyone who works in a medical-related industry is subject to HIPAA and the Privacy Rule. But,

HIPAA Compliance is Not Just for Doctors

HIPAA Compliance

In 1996 HIPAA was enacted with the intention of empowering citizens to be in charge of their own medical information. With the advent of the new act, citizens are supposed to be in charge of who has access to their private health information and in charge of directing what medical entities can do with their health data. While the most obvious affected by HIPAA included doctors and hospitals, there are