Break Fix MSP

Are your days spent balancing client support and team efficiency? And within that you’re trying to set and make future goals and plans. Without the right tools, your future plans will ultimately get pushed to the wayside. So what does that mean for business’s growth?

Utilizing a traditional break-fix model, your growth will be unpredictable as well as leave your team stressed. The break/fix IT support model is an antiquated reactive support model that when compared to an MSP, proves it’s time for an upgrade.

Break-Fix IT Support Disadvantages

  • Reactive rather than proactive support does not allow for client relationships.
  • Clients only call when they need you, which generally cost them money. This creates a negative view of you.
  • Income revenue is unpredictable and unreliable, making it hard to plan for future growth.
  • Without consistent communication and trust it is hard to propose upgrades and changes to a client.
  • Busy days/weeks leading to unhappy clients who expect you immediately but you lack the time or manpower
  • Break/fix clients will put off calling you about problems because they lack either the time or money-leading to bigger issues.
  • This model of support leaves no opportunity to monitor systems (backup, antivirus, server logs).

Unlike the break/fix model, MSP is a proactive, client focused, positive results model. Income revenue with MSP is not only stable, but it can be forecasted so as to plan for future business needs and growth. By making the move to a managed services model, you’ll also open the door to new opportunities.

Advantages of MSP

  • Clients pay a monthly, fixed rate, creating a better client relationship. 
  • Proactive support that will lead to less emergencies. 
  • Reduction of stress for your team.
  • Provides better customer service and more positive experiences.
  • Consistent communication can lead to more avenues of revenue.

The Upgrade

With a careful plan an IT provider can upgrade from a break/fix model to an MSP with a few steps. 

  1. Look at your current audience and target market. Communicate and get to know them better. Set meetings and speak to them in person to figure out what they need and want. Once you have that knowledge, plan and build out your MSP offering.
  2. Set the correct pricing grid. Knowing the market well will be key in your ability to support your clients and grow your profitability. 
  3. Understand and implement automation. Utilize support from business solutions that will automate business tasks so that you will gain time to take on larger business initiatives.  

Contact us if you would like to learn more on upgrading your business from the break/fix model to an MSP. 

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