Cloud IT Support: Why You’ve Been Hearing So Much About It for Businesses in LA

As a professional, you might have been hearing a buzz about companies moving their business processes to the cloud with cloud IT support. However, you might also have some questions about what you’ve been hearing like:

  • Is cloud migration worth your time?
  • What benefits are there? and
  • How safe and effective are cloud solutions for your business?

Cloud computing is a simple concept. Basically, any program you log into via the internet, (as opposed to using downloaded software to access), is a cloud-based program. This includes your email client, online banking portal, Facebook and LinkedIn etc. Essentially, cloud computing is the norm for many business processes and communications.

Cloud IT Support for Businesses in LA

In addition to being a remarkably green solution, there are also a variety of your business’ processes like:

  • Online desktops you can access from any location, and
  • Data storage and processing solutions,

… you could move over to cloud computing platforms. These cloud services can benefit your business in a myriad of ways.

Disaster Recovery

Are you prepared if there’s a natural disaster or some other issue that affects your computer systems? When you run a business, outage protection isn’t easy or simple. There could be:

  • Malware issues,
  • Data stored in different locations,
  • Staff carelessly using mobile devices, and
  • So many other variables

… that affect the security of your data. It’s important to have an all-inclusive, and powerful solution to secure your data across the board.

Flexibility and Scalability

Let’s face it. You want your business to grow. You want to make more money or even open new locations. When you rely on physical hardware and software solutions to manage your business, you have to invest in more physical hardware and software each time you grow. Cloud computing platforms grow with your business and added costs are minimal if there are any.

24/7 Monitoring

Professionals can monitor your system for issues and problems 24/7 and do updating and some repairs remotely.

Make it Easier for Your Staff to Work

Many businesses choose to move to the cloud first because of the productivity benefits it will provide including:

  • Ease of collaboration,
  • Excellent document control and security within the cloud,
  • Protection from device loss and/or damage because all the data is stored in the cloud and devices can be remotely wiped of all data,
  • The ability for your teams like sales, design or production to act fast in response to the competition, and
  • The ability for staff to work anywhere, (at conferences, on vacation, on sick leave etc.)

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