Collocation For Maximum Efficiency

A co-location is a valuable tool that helps reduce waste and consolidate data into one singular space. In other words, collocation is a means to simplify one’s business infrastructure, therefore making their business and its infrastructure much more stable and efficient.

The chief means of making co-location work is by utilizing co-location centers (also known as carrier hotels), or data spaces in which equipment, bandwidth, and storage are made readily available for retail customers. Customers pay a monthly amount to use the site to store their business’ data and save their own space for larger projects, or higher tier data usage.

Co-location providers sell their space to companies large and small, while still allowing their customers’ full control over the design and the usage of their company’s equipment. However, the co-location provider maintains the facility in which everyone’s equipment resides on a regular if not daily basis. This means mutual benefit for both the customer and the provider, as space is being used in the most efficient manner for both parties.

Many colocation centers provide 19-inch racks for data equipment and servers, as well as 23-inch racks for telecommunications equipment. Providers also have available cages, cabinets, suites, and modules for storage and protection of their customer’s equipment.

Co-location providers also place heavy importance on the building’s safety, thereby protecting the data housed in their facility. They have working fire protection systems, sprinklers, and smoke detectors in case of electrical fires. 

Providers also have proper air conditioning, heat-sinks, computer fans, water cooling systems, and low-impedance electrical ground to make sure everything is running smoothly and kept at a nice cool temperature. Finally, there are generally no windows in the facility, so that both heavy sunlight and creeping thieves do not affect the equipment inside.

If you wish to use co-location for the betterment of your company’s data and infrastructure, then using co-location centers may be the right decision for you. If you’d like to use our services or find out more information on co-location and its benefits, please contact us today. We’d be happy to help you!

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