Fixes for Common Mistakes

Even seasoned employees are bound to make the occasional mistake. However, making the mistake of accidentally closing a document without saving it, or closing a tab you were still working on, can be particularly frustrating mistakes that can put you behind on your work. To help get you back on track, here are a few quick fixes for common mistakes people make while using their computer.

You Closed a Tab By Accident

We’ve all been there; you are closing tabs in your web browser trying to remove clutter (which can also help your browser run faster), and to your horror, you realize that you just closed an important tab in your haste. However, there is no need to freak out or frantically try to remember how to access your browser’s history, as there is an easy way to bring back the tab you just closed. All you have to do is hold down “control” (or “command” on Mac), “Shift”, and “t” and your closed tab will reappear in your window just like magic!

You Forgot to Save a Document You Were Working On

This is one of the most terrifying things that can happen in a workday. You go to access something you have been working on in Microsoft Word, and you realize that you closed it without saving your work. Fortunately, Microsoft has thought of this for you, and has a capability built into the program that allows you to recover unsaved documents for up to four days after you have closed them. However, you will want to check your Office settings and make sure that this AutoRecover feature is turned on. Once this feature is running, all you will have to do to recover recently closed unsaved documents is to open word and click on the file tab. From there, click on “recent”, and at the bottom right of your screen you should see a button that says “recover unsaved documents”. When you click on this link, you will find a folder of recent documents you have closed without saving them, and you should be able to find the file you are looking for in this folder. Don’t forget to save this document as soon as you find it.

These tips can help you to get back on your feet should you make one of these common mistakes. Contact us to learn more about fixes to common problems and mistakes you may encounter when using your computer.

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