Better Business WiFi

WiFi is an amazing technology tool, however in practice sometimes it can be a source of frustration as well. When employees are trying to meet a deadline, perform research, or communicate with someone online, and their WiFi doesn’t seem to work properly, they’ll either work at a snail’s pace or perhaps be unable to accomplish a task altogether. Especially when working directly with a customer, a WiFi issue means he or she may become impatient and simply move on to another company that can provide them with better service. In this post, we will outline some tips on how to maximize the ability of your business WiFi to better serve both employees and customers.

Location, Location, Location

In order to maximize the ability of corporate WiFi to reach all interested parties, where the WiFi router physically resides is of utmost importance. In a building comprised of multiple floors, the best place for a router is on or near the middle floor. Of course a router sends out a signal equally in all directions, so a central location at or near the middle of the entire floor is best. Although it might be tempting to tuck the router away in a cupboard or cabinet, the more barriers a router signal must go through, the more challenging it becomes to send out a strong signal. Keep in mind that dense objects such as lunch room refrigerators, HVAC systems, etc. can slow down or block a signal completely. 

Avoid Metal and Electrical Interference

Keep the router at least 5 feet away from electrical devices such as lamps, monitors, TVs, etc. as they can cause electrical interference. The same goes for metal objects. Items like metal filing cabinets, metal garbage cans and the like, can interfere with a WiFi signal as well.

Boost Your Signal

Sometimes companies expand their physical spaces and their old router simply is not up to the task of providing a good signal for all the new work areas. In this case, companies will want to consider getting a repeater, range extender, or additional access points to help boost their WiFi signal.

If you would like more helpful tips regarding your business WiFi router and signal capabilities, please contact us.

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