IT Vendor Management Solutions: Business Tips

Vendor Management Solutions

No matter the size of your organization it is challenging to relocate, expand your business or even complete a remodeling project.  Since most businesses rely very heavily on their technological services, it is important to make any changes or transitions that affect these services, as easy and as seamless as possible in order to minimize disruptions. Today’s business tip is all about vendor management solutions. Organizations understandably want to focus

Airplane Wi-Fi Getting Faster, More Reliable, And More Widely Available

Airplane Wi-Fi

Whether they’re on vacation or flying for business purposes, travelers are increasingly demanding quick, reliable airplane Wi-Fi. Airlines, naturally, are making efforts to meet these demands. Jet Blue, for example, recently announced that free Wi-Fi will be available on all its domestic flights. And American Airlines – in an effort to make its on-flight wireless Internet significantly faster – recently switched to a new Wi-Fi provider. With airplane Wi-Fi getting

New Ransomware Warning – The Pitfalls of Popcorn

New Ransomware Warning

Purveyors of ransomware seem to be reaching for new levels of deceit.  Recently a new ransomware warning is making the rounds in the tech world, cautioning users to avoid falling for the Popcorn Time ransomware scheme. Ransomware typically hijacks a user’s machine and holds their computer or their organization hostage, until the user or their employer meets the demands of the hacker. With Popcorn Time, an unsuspecting user finds their

Choosing Basic Technology for Your Organization with the Help of IT Support for Businesses in LA

Choosing Basic Technology

Many small business owners, (especially new entrepreneurs) don’t even consider buying business grade computers. Many professionals just use a personal laptop for business use or buy regular consumer grade PCs from a local big box retailer for their businesses needs. Depending on your business model, in some cases, you might want to use business grade PCs.  If you and your staff are only logging on for work related emails, maybe

Los Angeles IT Support Company Discusses Cyber Security Lessons from Local Government

Los Angeles IT support

Computer World recently reported that the city of Los Angeles receives tens of millions of cyber attacks on a monthly basis. These attacks target its infrastructure and various agencies, with the aim of stealing confidential information and bringing about costly disruptions. That’s why Los Angeles IT support is so important! The article goes on to describe some of the ways the city has coped with this onslaught of cyber attacks.