Cyber Security Checklist – Is Your Organization Ready?

cyber security checklist

Larger organizations seem to make all the headlines when they have a security breach, but even smaller organizations are targets for hackers as well.  2014 became the year in which small to medium-sized organizations were actually the biggest target of cyber attacks.  Listed below is a cyber security checklist to help prevent your organization from succumbing to an attack and becoming another cyber crime statistic. 1.  Identify Vulnerabilities The first

Los Angeles IT Support Company Discusses Cyber Security Lessons from Local Government

Los Angeles IT support

Computer World recently reported that the city of Los Angeles receives tens of millions of cyber attacks on a monthly basis. These attacks target its infrastructure and various agencies, with the aim of stealing confidential information and bringing about costly disruptions. That’s why Los Angeles IT support is so important! The article goes on to describe some of the ways the city has coped with this onslaught of cyber attacks.