What is Digital Privacy? Here’s What You Need to Know

Digital Privacy

It is likely that you have been hearing a lot lately about data privacy and the importance of keeping your business’s data secure. However, you are not alone if you find yourself wondering what digital privacy is. Basically, digital privacy refers to an individual’s ability to use the internet and/or internet-connected devices without having to worry about others gaining access to their sensitive information, and without having to give out

Find Out How Scammers Go Phishing Through VoIP

Scammers Go Phishing

As people increasingly become smarter about habitual email-based phishing scams, the bad guys have shifted their focus from emails to phone calls. In their 2019’s 5th annual report, Trucaller revealed that nearly 1 out of 6 Americans lost money from a phone scam in the last one year. The report further reveals that the average loss per victim was $244, which means that phone scams cost 43 million victims about

6 Best Practices for Preventing Data Breaches

Preventing Data Breaches

The growth and use of technology have both its advantages and demerits. Data breaches and cyber threats are increasingly becoming more frequent. Therefore, businesses are forced to take appropriate steps to prevent data theft. The prevention of cyber threats and data breaches is achievable if organizations implement adequate cyber security strategies and observe best practices. The following are the top six cyber security practices that firms should adhere to avoid

6 Steps to Prepare Your Organization for a Cyber Attack


Cyber attacks can cost millions of dollars in their direct impact. A recent cyber attack report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies shows the United States has been subject to more major attacks than any other country in the world. These 6 steps to prepare your organization for a cyber attack should help you to protect your systems from being attacked whether you are based in the Greater Los Angeles

Essential Network Security for Your Business

Security for Your Business

It seems almost every day another news story surfaces about a data breach that occurred in which vital information such as credit card data, addresses or personal health information was stolen.  Even the U.S. Secret Service recently reported the theft of a laptop containing important security information from one of their agent’s vehicles.  Many businesses are beginning to realize they simply cannot afford to skimp anymore on the products and