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Two Common Options for Small Businesses for IT Support

Most small businesses fall under two categories. Those that have the benefit of having an in-house IT department, and those that do not have IT support in their budget. The second will rely on their employees to do their own IT maintenance or support. The second type of business is not the most preferable in the options.

In-house IT Department

Companies that do have in-house IT support still run into a few problems. They are busy upgrading and innovating your systems as well as doing regular maintenance. If something goes wrong with one of your employees’ systems that they are working on, their problem will most likely go unfixed due to lack of time from the in-house department. This will lead the employee to either ignore the problem or fix it themselves. Both of those options could cost the company more, in the long run, to fix since either ignoring or someone untrained has made the problem worse.

Employee Reliance on IT Problems

For those companies that rely on their employees to solve their own IT problems, they run a much higher risk of the problem becoming worse. Often the employees do not have the proper training or knowledge on how to fix the problem. The company then will have to pay more money to an outside company to come in and fix the problem. Some of these small businesses will outsource their IT work to an independent IT company. With this option, they run into the same problems as those with in-house IT departments. The company will be busy working on regular maintenance and upgrade the systems, they will not have time to work with employees on their needs with the problems they are having. This will cause the problem to go unfixed or not fixed properly. The company will be out more money for their IT company to come in and fix the problem later.

The Best Option for Your Company

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  1. No doubt managed IT is very important for any business. We also need security for our IT. It is recommended to hire outsource because IT service provider companies have trained staff, technicians, engineers and network systems administrators to secure us from any cyber attack. They know how to fix problems.

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