The majority of computer users today prefer Office 365 over such platforms as G Suite, and that is one of the factors that contribute to its popularity.

Other than the fact that Office 365 is popular among users, there are several benefits of opting for this resource, which you should put into consideration when identifying the best cloud solution for your company.

Here are some of the advantages of using Office 365.

It Facilitates Collaboration

When employees work together on particular projects, everyone remains in touch with what is happening, which will ultimately promote success. Office 365 allows different individuals to make changes in a single document and all staff working as a team can view the edits in real-time.

Employees who work independently on the same project may encounter various challenges, including the need to identify and consolidate the latest version of paperwork from each teammate. Office 365 comes with a co-authoring feature that eliminates duplication of documents, which saves on time.


The number of organizations working with staff in multiple locations, those who travel for various assignments, as well as remote employees is increasing each day. Access to necessary company information is a necessity for individuals who work away from the office and Office 365 makes this a possibility.

Through Office 365 your staff can attend to their daily responsibilities, even when they are away from the office as long as they can access internet connection and that level of flexibility increases productivity.

Subscription-Based Payment

Some Microsoft Office packages require you to make a lump sum payment upfront for a particular service, which can affect your cash flow significantly. Office 365 has a subscription-based payment plan that allows you to pay for the services you need and turn off what you do not require.

If you want to reduce your expenditures or remain within the constraints of your budget without sacrificing the necessity of investing in cloud services for your enterprise, Office 365 can prove a better option. If you need more information on the benefits of using Office 365, contact us today!

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