Are You Slowed Down by Technology

When it comes to the speed of technology, its age is always an issue. If your laptop is half a decade old, by this point then you are being slowed down by your technology. If you are using old technology, then you are in desperate need of an upgrade and the sooner you make one, the better.

There are many reasons why you should make the upgrade but here are three of the most compelling:

Better Speed

This comes down to a little something called Moore’s law which tells you that the processing power of computers will double every two years. This means that old computers will keep getting slower in comparison to new ones. If you own a laptop that is only two years old, then it is only half as fast as the newest one currently on the market.

Not only do you gain increased speed with modern computers, you also get more additional features on modern devices that would have been inconceivable on the equivalent device only four years ago. Getting a new laptop will increase your available working speed which will translate into an increase in your efficiency. Even more important than this is that the price of a brand new machine with a faster processor, more storage, and the latest operating system will cost less than half of what you paid for the equivalent machine only a few years ago.

Improved Security

A massive reason for you to upgrade is that it will better help to protect sensitive data. With some more ancient and obsolete programs being phased out, an upgrade may be necessary to continue to effectively protect your data. Scammers are now targeting customers in a wide variety of different ways, including email scams, Trojan files that can take over a user’s computer, and hackers who can see what keys you press and use that information to steal your passwords. Any user who continues to use an old computer with obsolete software is putting their data at far greater risk than they would be if they upgraded to a more modern system and more recent software.

Buying new tools and keeping them up to date will more than pay for itself by helping you avoid the costly result of having your data, or that of anyone you are working with, compromised by hackers. In addition, if you run your own business, then these upgrades give you the possibility of a tax break by writing these upgrades off as business expenses. This is one place where your return on investment is a solid one. It is always a good investment to spend money protecting you and your business.


Upgrading your hardware can also give you the opportunity to streamline your application list by getting rid of the ones that are nothing more than clutter. By getting rid of unused and obsolete applications, you can make your tools faster and safer, improving your productivity in the process.

If you are concerned about going through the hassle of upgrading, don’t be!

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