How Do Your Employees Feel About Your Technology Tools?

How Employees Feel About Technology

Some businesses focus primarily on the costs associated with the technology tools they provide for their employees. While the price tags of these tools certainly are important, to focus only on price overlooks other crucial aspects of the cost of doing business. Technology services, software, and hardware tools are just that — tools. Tools used in business must possess the qualities that allow employees to perform their tasks in a

CEOs Are Focused on Technology in 2019

CEO and Technology

In today’s world technology is everywhere. We don’t spend a day without interacting with it, at home and at work. It should come as no surprise then that a 2018 study done by Gartner showed that some of the top priorities for current CEO’s focus on technology – from integration of more technology to growing their digital business. As technology has shown in recent years, it’s here to stay. Companies

Are You Being Slowed Down by Your Technology?

Are You Slowed Down by Technology

When it comes to the speed of technology, its age is always an issue. If your laptop is half a decade old, by this point then you are being slowed down by your technology. If you are using old technology, then you are in desperate need of an upgrade and the sooner you make one, the better. There are many reasons why you should make the upgrade but here are