SecurityThere are two basic types of employees revolving around any given business — current employees, and employees who are discharged from a company (Employees who are fired, who quit, or who retire).

One small or missed detail in a business’ security infrastructure can result in vast databases of compromised computer data and/or personal data — fortunately, the computer industry is constantly at work in searching out security vulnerabilities to make this job easier. A business’ manager should be on the lookout for available repairs in security vulnerabilities and be tightly enforcing some basic security policies for the two types of employees listed above.

For current employees of a company, a security policy called “least privilege” should be executed and maintained. Least privilege is when a company manager gives security clearances to employees only to the extent needed to get a job done. As an example, an accounting or payroll supervisor should not be given keys to a computer server room where she has access to the physical backbone of the company’s computer network where tampering can occur.

For employees who are retiring, who quit, or are fired, a strict policy of discharging them should be followed where passwords known by the parties are changed and security clearances are revoked, along with any other appropriate measures to ensure the highest degree of security for the business.

When it comes to keeping up to date with security patches/repairs for computer equipment, usually the manufacturers of purchased equipment will provide information on their website about how to execute them. Purchased equipment and/or software can come with a warranty or service agreement where companies distributing the products provide a degree of free maintenance for their products. If those free services are not available, sometimes it is best to bring a third party computer support service into the picture to help so that a company manager can give more focus to the productive side of managing a business.

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