How Does Cloud Computing Help Businesses Thrive?

The way businesses operate is constantly evolving and so is the technology that supports them.  With the advent of wireless communication, smart phones, tablets and the like, people want anytime and anywhere access, not just for personal tasks but for work-related responsibilities as well.  And for some types of employment that involve frequent travel time or time spent out in the field, on-demand access to work-related information is simply essential. So how does cloud computing help businesses thrive?

Cloud Computing Help Businesses

This is just one of the reasons why cloud computing is becoming so popular.  Rather than tying an employee to client-installed applications that only work within your organization’s intranet, cloud applications only require access to a web browser and an internet connection.  This enables employees to have access to critical information whenever and wherever they need it.  Those same employees can also update corporate data immediately, rather than waiting until they arrive back at their office, thereby increasing productivity levels for others in the organization.

Using SaaS or Software as a Service, rather than client applications, means your organization’s data is kept safely in the cloud.  In the past, some organizations had disaster recovery sites for their data, thinking that offsite data protection was enough.  However with serious disasters like flooding or fire, they soon found out their disaster recovery site was wholly inadequate to protect their data.  With the built-in redundancy qualities of cloud computing, your data is vastly safer should a natural disaster strike in your area.

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