HIPAA Compliance is Not Just for Doctors

HIPAA Compliance

In 1996 HIPAA was enacted with the intention of empowering citizens to be in charge of their own medical information. With the advent of the new act, citizens are supposed to be in charge of who has access to their private health information and in charge of directing what medical entities can do with their health data. While the most obvious affected by HIPAA included doctors and hospitals, there are

IT Support in Los Angeles Will Help You Comply With Regulations


Dealing with regulations is an important and sometimes frustrating responsibility that comes with running a business. These laws, which can lead to fines and sometimes criminal charges, encompass your computing devices and the ways you store, handle, and transmit data. Computer companies, for instance, will need to make sure they meet the recent energy efficiency standards California has set for computing devices. Other regulations govern not so much the devices