Digital privacy refers to the ability to use the internet and any connected device while having the authority of your data and being in control of who has access to your data. Digital privacy can be distinguished into three categories that include information privacy, individual privacy, and communication privacy.

Information Privacy

This alludes to the right a person has in determining how their digital information is collected or used. Digital information refers to that information that can be used to identify a person owning the information. Examples of such information include location, name, work, and even personal preferences.

Individual Privacy

Deals with the freedom that a person has in determining the types of information they can view or what they can engage in while using the internet as long as it is legal. Email spamming is an example of a way that individual privacy is breached.

Communication Privacy

The sender of the message expects that while communicating with another person, the information will only be accessed by the intended receiver of the message. Communication privacy is breached once there is a third-party listening to the communication between two parties.

Digital Protection

It means that a user will receive data integrity and confidentiality, depending on the restrictions they have placed on their data. However, digital protection begins by taking the necessary steps to ensure that your data is secure. The methods that can be used include securing your accounts, use secure browsing methods, and know more about digital privacy.

Securing accounts is done primarily by using passwords. In addition to the passwords, using two-factor verification is necessary for the users. Two-factor verification may come as biometrics or using your phone number to unlock the account you are accessing.

Secure browsing methods include the type of network you are using and the browsers that you are using. Some browsers are safe to use while others lack security. The websites you visit are also key when protecting your data. Some sites contain malicious links and therefore, it is necessary to always check whether a website is secure or not using google chrome.

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