When a business decides to make the move to Office 365, the change will not take place in one small location. Many businesses have various systems and processes they will want to integrate with Office 365. Taking the right approach to integrating Office 365 has a variety of benefits.

Integrating Office 365

Here are some tips that we think can help you successfully integrate your current business systems with the Office 365 program.

Know Where You Are Starting

Many of the components of Office 365 will start with programs that are used for email and contacts, and these problems will usually be Outlook and Exchange. The users of Office 365 will spend the variety of their time looking through emails, contact information, and the calendar.

Use The Best Tools That Will Get The Job Done

Many businesses may feel they have to let Office 365 handle all their business operations and processes. It is very important to make sure all the tools of Office 365 are being used appropriately. Sales representatives are generally out of the office for a significant amount of time. It is important that sales reps are able to use the contact features. As mentioned earlier, Office 365 can be integrated with Outlook. Salesforce can also be integrated with Office 365, and this will allow all your sales reps to be as productive as possible.

It is extremely important that your business considers what current systems and processes your business has to integrate with Office 365. When you understand the benefits and possible disadvantages of each, you will be able to successfully integrate Office 365 with your IT environment.

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