If you were wondering what Microsoft planned for future versions of Skype for Business, one need look no further than their new alpha version called Skype Mingo, now available on the Google Play Store. 

Skype’s new mobile app has some familiar features and users will recognize the Skype interface, but it also has exciting new components as well, as Microsoft attempts to become the main communication hub on mobile devices.

Skype Mobile App

With Skype Mingo, Microsoft hopes to become the premiere calling system for mobile device users.  With universal features such as making traditional cellular calls along with Skype calls, a contact management feature and an SMS feature, Skype Mingo hopes to be the “go to” application for everything dealing with mobile communication.  Mingo also features rich Skype chats, file and photo sharing and video calls.

So why go through Skype Mingo to access your phone features?  Well, Mingo will offer economical features such as On-Demand Sync and Economic Calling.  Users will have direct access to their data usage stats and will also gain access to virtual assistants and thousands of Skype bots. 

This feature alone may very well put Mingo over the top as mobile device users discover all the added benefits of putting various bots to work for them to complete routine tasks.  Microsoft also understands a user’s need for speed and promises that Skype Mingo will be small, fast and optimized for speed.

For more information on Microsoft’s new Skype Mingo app and how it can enhance your mobile communication, please contact us.

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