Keyboard Shortcuts

Most people love to take shortcuts to save time whatever and whenever they are doing and computers are no exception to this rule. Almost every computer user loves keyboard shortcuts for their potential to save time in any aspect of their computer usage. Keyboard shortcuts are incredibly handy whatever you are doing on the computer and they can help save you a significant amount of time.

But why bother with keyboard shortcuts when you can just click on the command. How do shortcuts even help? Consider the example of saving a word document. You could click file and them save to save your file or you could simply use the control+s keyboard shortcut to save the file and do it in a fraction of the time it takes to do this manually through clicking the mouse.

With that in mind, here are some common keyboard shortcuts that can help you save some time when using the computer.

Word Processor

One of the most common uses for keyboard shortcuts is when writing a paper in a web browser. The most common and useful of these shortcuts are cut, copy, paste, undo and redo. The respective shortcuts for these are control+x for cut, control+c for copy, control+v for paste, control+z for undo and control+y to redo a previous action.

Word processors have a number of keyboard shortcuts but one of the less common but most useful of these is known as delete routines and is done through the keyboard shortcut of control+backspace and control+delete. Normally the use of backspace or delete will delete a single character behind or in front of the cursor but the delete routines function will instead remove an entire word making it extremely useful for deleting large amounts of text much more quickly.

Windows Shortcuts

While word processors often benefit from the use of shortcuts, there are a significant number of general windows shortcuts that can be used to save time. Shortcuts can be easily used to close a currently open window or tab or to move between windows, tabs, and monitors.

Closing windows and tabs with shortcuts is a fairly straightforward matter and just requires the simple keyboard shortcut of alt+F4 to close a particular window or (to just close a tab) control+F4.

Additionally, the keyboard shortcut of Win(the windows key)+P can be used to switch between the different modes of available monitor display if you’re using several monitors in order to extend your desktop.

These shortcuts can help save you a massive amount of time in your daily use of the computer. Contact us today to learn more about using keyboard shortcuts to optimize your digital time-saving potential.

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