Managing Data and Infrastructure

Infrastructure management is the key to any company’s overall success, yet is often neglected due to other tasks within the business needing attention. However, in order to run any business in the most efficient manner possible, infrastructure management should not be ignored. Here are five ways to better manage the infrastructure of your business.

1. Start by Managing Lower-Tier Data Centers First

Starting with lower-tier data centers is not only easier to control, but is more cost effective than working with higher-tier data centers first. Lower-tier data centers can be recycled for greater archival storage and management of non-essential applications. Allow the higher-tier data centers to have redundant data, and free up the lower level data centers for better data management overall.

2. Reduce and Consolidate Data Center Operations

Do you have data centers that are located in unnecessary places and are only taking up needed space and money? Try consolidating operations into a few main locations. This will reduce the need to manage multiple spaces that are not essential to the company, and lower your company’s carbon footprint in the process. In doing so, you will be able to refine your infrastructure into one that is more efficiently used, thereby making your infrastructure better overall.

3. Be Cost-Effective in Relocation Efforts

Choose areas that will be the most beneficial and cost-effective for your company’s needs. Instead of moving workers too expensive places and building new buildings in high-cost areas of town, try choosing locations that are more moderate in pricing. However, while every penny counts, it is important as well to not get too cheap–think efficiency.

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Lower Your Company’s Carbon Footprint!

By relocating and consolidating your data centers as well as letting the lower-tier data centers handle more of the storage and lesser tasks, you will help a great deal in lowering your company’s carbon footprint. However, there are other key things to consider when managing energy usage and storage.

Utilize systems such as cloud software for storage, and organize as well as prioritize what tasks are done in different facilities. With an ever-increasing use of data comes an even more increasing need for storage; therefore, maximizing storage space is key for refining, reorganizing, and bettering your company’s infrastructure.

There are plenty of other ways to refine infrastructure and maximize storage. If you’re curious to find out more, please contact us today!

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