Controlling Multiple Programs and Tabs

There are many ways to manage your computer system, including ways that may speed up your productivity. Here are several ways to control multiple programs.

Revive a Closed Tab

What happens when you accidentally close a tab. (Beyond a quick yell and curse?) No need to fear; simply click Ctrl + Shift + T (Cmd + Shift + T on Mac Computers)to reopen a closed tab. Now you can get back to what you were doing without all the yelling.

Two Sections on One Monitor

Those with dual monitors know how productive getting multiple things done at the same time can be. However, what if you don’t have a dual monitor setup? You can easily press the Windows Key + Arrow to cause the window to snap to one side of the screen. If you do have a dual monitor setup, you can click Shift + Windows Key + Arrow to have the window jump to the other monitor. Now you can compare documents on a single screen or move a resource to your secondary monitor.

Shifting Through Open Programs and Interrupting Everything

If you have multiple windows open and you want to quickly scroll through them, you can press Alt + Tab to switch to the next program (Cmd + Tab for Macs). In addition, you can cycle backwards by pressing Alt + Shift + Tab. In addition to cycling through programs, you can interrupt everything and restart. This is done through the infamous Ctrl + Alt + Delete command (or Cmd + Shift + Esc on Macs). Pressing this once can bring up options which will allow you to kill the offending process. Pressing this twice can restart the computer.

These tips can help you manage multiple programs running at the same time. That can drive up your productivity and make handling your daily tasks easier.

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