Out of the Office

Think about some of the most frustrating moments in the office during this past holiday season. There was probably a lot of rushing, a few late nights because departments were understaffed, and a few network crises as the system overloaded during the busy season. A lot of problems may have been rooted in people being out of the office on vacation. Make your next vacation easier both on the coworkers you’re leaving behind and yourself by implementing these changes:

Find an IT support team that can monitor for outages.

Outages cost companies money. Not only can they be expensive to find the root cause of and to repair, but the company is losing a lot of revenue during every minute of downtime. If you’re leaving town and won’t be able to monitor the network, or your company is too small for a full IT staff, find a reliable managed support service that can take preventative measures in your absence and stop problems from forming.

Use IT support to automate updates instead of spending your time troubleshooting.

Updates are a large security vulnerability for any business because they’re human-powered. Sometimes employees won’t updates their programs or computer because they like things the way they are or because they keep their computer asleep instead of fully powering it down.

Sometimes employees are too willing to update their programs and fall prey to malware traps or make the programs unusable. Instead of handling updates on a one-by-one basis, use an IT support service that can make the upgrades all at once through network-wide updates. This is a useful change both when you’re out of the office, so no one is stuck with a malfunctioning or unsecured¬†program, and even when you’re back at work.

If you want to see how a managed IT support service can smooth out your company’s IT responses and security so you can focus on a relaxing vacation and more core projects when you’re back in the office, go to Whole I.T. Solutions here.

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