Systems And Networks

We are now two months into 2018 and we hope your business has been successfully adjusting to 2018. We hope you are ready to experience an outstanding year of your business. As you continue to get adjusted to a new year, we want you to remember to make sure you have updated your operating systems and your software. You want to make sure you have the latest updates and patches so you will not experience any hiccups.

In addition to updating your operating systems, we encourage you to ensure that your computers have strong passwords or passphrases. If you cannot remember the last time you updated your passwords or passphrases, now is probably a good time to make the changes.

Today, it is highly important that all online accounts and operating systems have strong passwords as a form of protection. Your computer operating systems and online accounts hold a significant amount of important data. When you have strong passwords protecting your accounts, you will give yourself a better chance of avoiding systems and security compromises.

One of the best ways for people to remember their passwords for their accounts is to use the same password for every account, unfortunately, this is also one of the best ways for a hacker to gain access to an account. If you have been using the same password for all your accounts, we encourage you to take some time to change your passwords as soon as you can. You need to make sure your accounts have different passwords, but these passwords should be strong and unique.

We know it can be difficult for businesses to make changes to their systems, especially when they do not know where the problem lies. Fortunately, with the proper network security support, you will have the tools and resources on your side that you need to make 2018 a successful year for your business.

If you need to make adjustments to your security systems or your passwords, please do not hesitate to contact us today for additional information.

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