At its best, virus or malware attacks kill valuable hours of productivity and become a nuisance. When your network gets hit with a virus, for example, your employees could have no choice but to spend their time in an endless loop of pop-up ads. The ads put the brakes on your computer until it likely crashes. That’s at its best. At its worst, you lose precious data and experience outages that suck the life out of your company for days on end.

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Where Statistics Go Wrong

IT experts may work for days on end in an effort to recover lost files, records, account information and content, but the statistics don’t look pretty. In fact, the story grows increasingly sad as the outage lasts longer than 10 days. You will face financial challenges that will be difficult or even impossible to beat.

Based on a report from the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60 percent of small businesses will close their doors six months after a security breach. In addition, 25 percent will never reopen their doors after experiencing such a data loss.

After turning on the tube, the news may lead you to believe data breaches on the network only happen to big businesses like Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon. However, some sobering information shows how 85 percent of the security breaches that happen will occur to small businesses. This is because they’re oftentimes an easier target for cyber crime.

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