How to Protect Your Online Identity

Protect Your Identity Online

Losing your online identity can be catastrophic for your finances, future job prospects, and reputation. In this blog, we’ll explain you can protect your online identity in a world that prompts you to link your credit card information to your Google account. Protect Your Passwords Step 1 will always be to protect your passwords. If you surrender this information, then someone will gain access to your back account, credit card

Office 365 for Business – 10 Excel Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Excel Tips

Sometimes when employees begin to start tracking some data they underestimate how important the data will become over time.  Without proper planning and organization, a once relatively minor Excel spreadsheet can turn into a clunky, error-prone document that only the original author can analyze. In this post we will discuss our 10 favorite Excel tips. These are good practices for creating Excel spreadsheets.  When adhered to they will lead to