10 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know Google Could Do


Do you remember the time when you had to take a trip to the library or skim through pages of an encyclopedia just to find that one piece of information you were looking for? Now, things have certainly changed. When we need to find any piece of information today, we pick up our mobile device and “Google it”. Searching for something on Google has become a daily activity for almost

Tips to Compress Your Photos and Free Up Storage

free up storage

One of the most used features of smart phones today is the camera.  While camera phones used to take grainy images, they have continued to develop and now provide very clear pictures using cameras with upwards of 10 megapixels.  While this provides a very clear image to the user, the extra detail captured in each image takes up far more space than pictures did in the past. When combined with

5 Tech Tips You Cant Live Without in 2018

Tech Tips

It is important that businesses take certain steps to ensure that their systems are running as efficiently as possible, as doing so will help you to maximize productivity. To help you stay as productive as possible in the new year, here are five tech tips you can’t live without in 2018: Continually Update Your Browser: Making sure that the internet browser you use is up to date is one of the

Why You Should Be Using Chrome OS

Using Chrome OS

We recently discussed why the newcomer in computer operating systems, Google’s Chrome OS, has grown in popularity in recent years. However, we were unable to discuss all of the benefits Chrome laptops and desktops can provide businesses with. Here are a few additional reasons to consider Chrome OS for your business. Security Another issue that has afflicted Windows OS users for years is security problems. Windows computers have always been

What’s Your Employee Turnover Procedure?

Employee Turnover Rate

Computer security is one of the top concerns for any business, and it infiltrates every area of operations. Whether you’re thinking about who’s allowed to gain entry to the office, how secure your invoicing programs and intranet are, or about a terminated employee who never returned their laptop, security is a constant priority. Make sure you minimize the security risk by having technology procedures in place for employee turnover. Keep