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One of the most used features of smart phones today is the camera.  While camera phones used to take grainy images, they have continued to develop and now provide very clear pictures using cameras with upwards of 10 megapixels.  While this provides a very clear image to the user, the extra detail captured in each image takes up far more space than pictures did in the past.

When combined with the significant number of pictures that people take daily, photos can quickly take up a big part of your camera’s overall storage.  Fortunately, there are several tips that can be followed to help compress your photos and reduce the amount of space they require.

Change Photo Settings

One of the best things that you can do to cut back on your photo storage is to reduce your photo settings.  For example, Apple unveiled the “Live Photo” option a few years ago.  As opposed to taking one still image, the new photo option takes a short video of around 3 seconds in length.  Because of this, each individual photo can take up to three times as much space as a still photo.  Simply turning the Live function off can help you to greatly cut back on your photo storage.

Cloud Storage

Another option that you have to cut back on your storage is to use the cloud to store your photos.  If you remove photos off your phone and move them to the cloud, it will instantly free up a lot of space. Furthermore, you will be able to still look at the original photo on your phone even though it will be compressed.  If you ever need to print the photo to a bigger image, you can always recall it from the cloud.

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