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 New companies, of course, face a decision about handling internet technology needs. Build and maintain a full-time in-house team as part of the company staff? Or outsource to give responsibly to IT specialists?

But, in truth, companies at every stage face that decision. Your company is rapidly expanding—or merging with another. Create an even larger full-time IT department? Your products or services, let us say, have nothing to do with internet technology. But IT is becoming one of your larger and more costly departments. Or perhaps you determined to reduce overhead. Would outsourcing IT save money? Would it get the job done?

No experienced IT company would argue it is always one way. Some businesses, in at least some growth stages, may benefit from having certain inhouse IT services. For example, full-time responsibilities like digital marketing, keeping a website up to date, or search-engine optimization. And those, notably, relate to the products and services that are your company’s mission.

In contrast, internet technology is a technical field with many special areas and rapidly changing challenges such as antivirus monitoring or state-of-the-art encryption of data.

Some people actually argue that an inhouse IT team becomes familiar with a company’s equipment, systems, and potential problems, whereas a team of IT specialists called in an emergency must “get up to speed.” At Whole I.T. Solutions, that brings a smile to our faces. Ask customers who have used our firm to meet their IT needs for a decade if we have to “get up to speed” in an emergency.

The comment, though, highlights another issue. An IT services company has a major stake in ensuring the highest level of problem prevention. Because those “emergencies” are expensive and stressful for everyone. A top IT services plan involves sophisticated monitoring of your entire IT system, frequent routine backup, periodic servicing, and applications of new programs in areas such as antivirus monitoring as soon as they come online.

Thus, although a firm like Whole I.T. Solutions has specialists to handle any emergency, any day and at any hour, our efforts day in and day out are to keep things running without a glitch. We like to say that your computer systems should come on and perform as regularly and reliably as your lights.

Here’s a way to look at the option of an inhouse IT team for your company. With patience, a long lead time, sufficient investment, and investment in updating, you can build a team as good as a top IT services firm.

But what your company needs is not multi-specialty staff, the latest monitoring equipment, continuing education, and research on emerging IT trends and threats. What you need are effective, trouble-free, highly secure computer power and data storage.

Our only business at Whole I.T. Solutions is to provide that service at a price that fits your budget. Call us to discuss our selection of plans for companies with different needs and budgets. And take a look around our website for testimonials from our customers, additional articles and information, and a bit about our more than a decade of service to firms throughout the Los Angeles area

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