OneDrive or SharePoint – Which one is Right for your Organization?

OneDrive or SharePoint

With the similarities between OneDrive or SharePoint for digital storage, some organizations might think they should just pick one and move on.  However, there are some differences in control vs. collaboration that are worth considering in order to select the one that makes the most sense for your organization. OneDrive or SharePoint? The Similarities  First of all, both applications utilize

IT Support in Los Angeles Will Help You Comply With Regulations


Dealing with regulations is an important and sometimes frustrating responsibility that comes with running a business. These laws, which can lead to fines and sometimes criminal charges, encompass your computing devices and the ways you store, handle, and transmit data. Computer companies, for instance, will need to make sure they meet the recent energy efficiency standards California has set for

HTML5 vs Flash – Prepare for the Future

HTML or Flash

Those in the development world have probably heard the buzz in recent years about the inevitable waning of Adobe Flash Player.  Although Flash allows developers to create eye-catching websites, in the world of the web where speed means virtually everything, Flash has literally lagged behind.  As more and more individuals take to the web, particularly with mobile devices, users are

Stegoloader Malware is Still a Threat to EMRs (Electronic Medical Records)

Stegoloader Malware

It is unfortunate the very industry that works so diligently to offer potentially life-saving services to the populace is often the target of hackers, ransomware, malware and viruses.  But it is precisely because of their need to gather very personal information, that hospitals, medical centers and the like are often targets for data breaches and exploitation. For example, Stegoloader Malware. In

Three Major Ways to Increase Cyber Security in 2017

Cyber Security in 2017

Businesses are continuously under the threat of a cyber attack. The motives include financial gain and the destruction of customers’ trust. No business, regardless of its size, exists beyond notice of cyber criminals. What can your business do to increase cyber security in 2017? The following are three major steps: 1) Take all possible precautions with devices you introduce to

Security Alert! – Fake Email Asking for HIPAA Audit


If you are a small to medium-sized organization, please be aware that as recently as December of 2016, evidence has surfaced of a new phishing email.  In truth, it is actually a fake email asking for a HIPAA audit due to a supposed privacy and security breach of protected health information (PHI) in your establishment. The email looks like an

How Paperless Should You Be? LA Managed Services Provider Can Help

How paperless should you be

With so many digital tools for organizing, sharing, managing, and working on documents, some businesses consider going paperless. But, how paperless should you be? However, whether this step is feasible or not depends on each particular company and its needs. A recent article posted in Beta News discusses why transitioning to a completely paperless environment is still largely a fantasy.

Choosing Basic Technology for Your Organization with the Help of IT Support for Businesses in LA

Choosing Basic Technology

Choosing Basic Technology: Many small business owners, (especially new entrepreneurs) don’t even consider buying business grade computers. Many professionals just use a personal laptop for business use or buy regular consumer grade PCs from a local big box retailer for their businesses needs. Depending on your business model, in some cases, you might want to use business grade PCs.  

Three Ways Managed IT Services Keeps the Money Rolling In

Three Ways Managed IT Services Keep the Money Rolling In

Keeping your business up and running is a full-time job. As the owner or manager, you do most of the work to keep things going. Many businesses find it more profitable to concentrate on their core products or services while professional IT teams work in the background. Having a specialist to keep you online translates to higher sales numbers and increased

Los Angeles IT support company discusses cyber security lessons from local government

Los Angeles IT support

Computer World recently reported that the city of Los Angeles receives tens of millions of cyber attacks on a monthly basis. These attacks target its infrastructure and various agencies, with the aim of stealing confidential information and bringing about costly disruptions. That’s why Los Angeles IT support is so important! The article goes on to describe some of the ways

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