Viruses and Malware

Do you remember what happened the last time one of your workplace computers was infected? Hopefully, that day was not a complete trainwreck for your business.

If that day was a horrible day, did you wish you had a remedy to fix the problem?

Did you wish you had taken the required steps to avoid having a virus on your computer in the first place?

When your computer has a virus, you will find yourself staring at the screen wondering what steps you should take next.

What could you have done to avoid computer viruses from the beginning?

What steps could you have taken to at least identify that there may be a problem?

When your computers do get a virus, what can you do to make sure the computers are running and operating efficiently as soon as possible?

What’s In Your Backup Plan?

If the worst does happen and your computers are infected, the only thing that can get you back in business smoothly and efficiently is having a backup.

When you have a backup of all your important files and your programs, the computer virus that has infected your computer will not keep you out of operations for an extended period of time. You should always make sure you have a backup system in place.

Do You Have Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Solutions?

If you are looking for software that will protect your computer from threats and viruses, you should look no further than anti-malware and anti-virus solutions. These solutions will remove anything that it feels will be a threat to your computer. These solutions will also give you the ability to run full scans of your systems.

To Download Or Not To Download?

Your employees should always be very careful when downloading programs or opening attachments from an e-mail. Viruses can infect computers through infected programs and attachments. Everyone in your workplace should only download software that has come from the original vendor or from a third-party website that is trusted and reputable.

A computer virus can spread rapidly from one computer to the next. It is important that all of your workplace devices are monitored proactively in order to check for updates, firewalls, disabled anti-malware solutions, etc.

Viruses can find their way into any system, especially when we least expect it. Do not let your computers become infected with virus or malware. For more information on the steps you can take to prevent viruses from wreaking havoc on your systems and your networks, contact us today.

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