Let Us Make Your Office 365 Deployment a Success

office 365 deployment

Office 365 Deployment: If you are like most companies, you’ve come to realize that great technological tools can provide real value when it comes to analyzing and strategizing your next steps, increasing staff productivity levels and garnering more customers; all of which ultimately leads to the successful growth and continuance of your business.  However, technology also presents a conundrum for

Have You Heard About Customized VoIP for Your Business?

Customized VoIP

Running a fiscally sound organization is always challenging.  It’s not necessarily easy to find ways to trim costs without compromising on the services and tools your employees need to maintain their competitive edge.  Whole I.T. Solutions offers a comprehensive and customized VoIP IT Services package that can lower your expenditures while increasing the flexibility and features you need in a

Migrate Your Business To Office 365: Three Major Points To Consider

Migrate Your Business To Office 365

Have you been able to migrate your business to Office 365? It is a popular set of cloud-based solutions for a variety of business needs – world-class email with a large amount of storage, a package of necessary software (including the basics like Word, Outlook, and Excel), and various file-sharing and communications options. You may find that Office 365 is a

How Does Cloud Computing Help Businesses Thrive?

Cloud Computing Help Businesses

The way businesses operate is constantly evolving and so is the technology that supports them.  With the advent of wireless communication, smart phones, tablets and the like, people want anytime and anywhere access, not just for personal tasks but for work-related responsibilities as well.  And for some types of employment that involve frequent travel time or time spent out in

IT Vendor Management Solutions: Business Tips

Vendor Management Solutions

No matter the size of your organization it is challenging to relocate, expand your business or even complete a remodeling project.  Since most businesses rely very heavily on their technological services, it is important to make any changes or transitions that affect these services, as easy and as seamless as possible in order to minimize disruptions. Today’s business tip is

Cyber Security Checklist – Is Your Organization Ready?

cyber security checklist

Larger organizations seem to make all the headlines when they have a security breach, but even smaller organizations are targets for hackers as well.  2014 became the year in which small to medium-sized organizations were actually the biggest target of cyber attacks.  Listed below is a cyber security checklist to help prevent your organization from succumbing to an attack and

Microsoft’s New Skype Mobile App

Skype Mobile App

If you were wondering what Microsoft planned for future versions of Skype, one need look no further than their new alpha version called Skype Mingo, now available on the Google Play Store.  Skype’s new mobile app has some familiar features and users will recognize the Skype interface, but it also has exciting new components as well, as Microsoft attempts to

Airplane Wi-Fi Getting Faster, More Reliable, And More Widely Available

Airplane Wi-Fi

Whether they’re on vacation or flying for business purposes, travelers are increasingly demanding quick, reliable airplane Wi-Fi. Airlines, naturally, are making efforts to meet these demands. Jet Blue, for example, recently announced that free Wi-Fi will be available on all its domestic flights. And American Airlines – in an effort to make its on-flight wireless Internet significantly faster – recently

New Ransomware Warning – The Pitfalls of Popcorn

New Ransomware Warning

Purveyors of ransomware seem to be reaching for new levels of deceit.  Recently a new ransomware warning is making the rounds in the tech world, cautioning users to avoid falling for the Popcorn Time ransomware scheme. Ransomware typically hijacks a user’s machine and holds their computer or their organization hostage, until the user or their employer meets the demands of

Avoiding the Pitfalls – What to Ask When Migrating to VoIP

Migrating to VoIP

Small to medium-sized business owners are often on the lookout for ways to cut costs in their everyday business activities.  So it comes as no surprise that some are looking into migrating to VoIP as a potential solution to help bring down expenses, while maintaining reliable phone service.  If you are one of these companies, here are some questions to

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